Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St. Louis and Such

So I'm informed that I never post. Which has been mostly true I'm afraid. So to make up for lost time I'll post some pictures of what I've been up to for the past three months or so.

This is what I did. I was in St. Louis from the beginning of February until last week with the Capasso's. Elise is the mom and the children, from left to right, are Ilenia, Viviana and Isabella.

This is me with the two older Capasso girls, Isabella and Viviana. We are freezing. I did a lot of that...

Ilenia didn't like the cold too much...

How about that sled?

We make bread (Translation: I made bread with the cute, but rather unhelpful help of three year old Vivi) I thought this picture of Ilenia was too cute.

Andrew came to see me and took this very cute picture with Ilenia.

We took a road trip to Chicago and visited some friendly nursery rhyme characters.

Me in Chicago.

This is Easter. It snowed. It was insane.

These are the flowers Elise informed everyone Andrew sent her for Easter. But he didn't. He sent them to me :-)

Me and my Tissy. I managed a short visit to see the McDonald's while I was up North.


Viviana is a sweetheart. She was the only one of the girls that didn't have an aversion to the camera that day.