Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tea Time

Yesterday my girls wanted to have a tea party. They always have tea parties for birthdays and when they go to my grandparent's house, but I'm usually too busy at home. But I'm making an effort to take time to enjoy little things, so we dropped everything, make scones, and had tea. As it happened, I talked to my sister, and my niece was apparently also clamoring for a tea party, so she joined us. My girls like everything in life better when Selina joins the fun.

 I discovered that our teatime manners are sorely lacking, so we'll have to make a point to have tea a couple of times a week and work on speaking softly, taking small bites and not rattling the china. 

I didn't have any cookies of any kind, so we had to make scones.
I found this delightful recipe from the Food Network, sans the currents. I don't like currents.
(Thank goodness for the Food Network website. Without it, we would subsist solely on tacos and spaghetti.)

We took turns adding ingredients. 

If you bake- ever- and don't have a pastry cutter, get one. 

Cutting in the butter us so much fun! 

We didn't have cream, so we used whole milk. It worked.

We opted for wedge-shaped scones. Yummy.

"Look, Aunt Rish, it looks like a crown!"
I love now little people find beauty in really simple things.
Somewhere I read a suggestion for "poetry tea parties," where everyone brings a poem to share.
My kids brought Barenstien Bears and Fancy Nancy. I guess we need to work on poetry...
So yes, I still have laundry to do and dishes to wash. But my kids are growing up every time I turn around. So we'll take time for poetry and tea and dress-up. Because what is life without a little beauty?

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