Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Boy

Yes, it's about 6 months late, but seriously, have you ever had a newborn? No time, people. I haven't mastered art of typing and nursing at the same time. Also, I've been putting off editing these pictures, and have thus been putting off posting them. I'm a pretty modest girl, and birth pictures can be less than. So, now I've finally got some G-rated birth pictures, and some commentary to go along with them.  

I had been feeling a little different all day, and about 9pm on April 3rd I started noticing that the discomfort that is ever present during pregnancy was kind of coming and going. "Patterning," they call it. So I called the midwife and my sister. Andrew went to get groceries, because we seriously had nothing in the house, and Robin and Mom helped me with a last-ditch house clean. The midwife told me to rest while I was waiting. That didn't happen. I was too hyped. I guess it's good I labor pretty quickly, because I never rest in early labor. 
I had little gifts for my "birth team." Hey, birth is stressful for everyone. Moms and babies get lots of stuff, but what about all the people that cope with the crazy women and don't sleep all night? I think they deserve some thanks too.

I carefully timed my contractions 'till the midwife got there. Gotta love smart phones.

 I was pretty far along by the time I settled into the bed room. Andrew was pretty nervous about the whole "have a baby at home" thing,  but he was pretty great once it came down to it.
I've read alot about "counter pressure" during labor, but never really liked it. I did this time.
Mom got the honor of dealing with me while Andrew blew up the pool.
 I didn't really want the tub, but Alina, the midwife, talked me into having them set it up, in case I changed my mind.

 I did. I'm pretty sure I made someone go to Robin's house to get me a swimsuit to borrow. I couldn't find mine. It turned up about a month later in a random box.
This was probably about midnight. I was in serious labor at this point, and obviously don't care about the rather uncomfortable positions my helpers adopted.

 Little man was a little bit blue. His Aunt Robin caught him. Andrew held my hands while I screamed in his face. That's love, folks. I'm a little surprised I didn't bust his eardrums.

 Momin, as my kids call her, held baby boy while I took a moment to cope. Alina had discussed something they are calling a "birth pause" with us during the pregnancy, and I found it very freeing to not feel like a bad mom the need a moment to come to terms with myself before I turned my attentions to the baby. Having a baby is seriously intense.

He was pretty much perfect. Fat and happy. 
Still is :-)

 The sisters like the baby. They can't keep their little hands off him. It's pretty cute.
 My kids still have all their great-grandparents, and most of them were able to come see the new addition. These are my grandparents. Grammy had called early Thursday to see if I wanted the girls to some stay there for a few days so I could get some rest. Turns out I had a baby that night.

 This is Andrew's Grandpa Gore
 And this is Pa, Andrew's grandfather Gavin.

She loves her baby.

Daddy and his boy. Elijah ADORES Andrew. Every time he sees him the smiles and laughs and is generally super happy. He likes to be held by the milk machine, though.

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